Psychology Society Talks: NUS Psychology Post-Graduate Sharing Session 2014 & An Inside Look – From Illness to Wellness

Monday, 9 June 2014


On 24th May 2014 from 10 am to 12 pm, the first ever Psychology Post-Graduate Sharing Session was held at AS7-01-06. Organised specially for Psychology students interested in pursuing a Post Graduate education but with no idea of how to start, the event kicked off with a talk by the Director of Graduate Studies (Non-Clinical) for Psychology, Associate Professor Melvin Yap. During this talk, students gained some valuable insight into how Graduate schools are like, if pursuing post-graduate studies was truly for them, and the many opportunities that a post-graduate education could offer.

After the talk, an interactive sharing session was held: Attendees were able to participate in small group sharing sessions with five NUS psychology alumni who have either completed or are currently pursuing their Post-Graduate education. These interactive sessions allowed the students to gain first hand information from their seniors, who had their fair share of rewarding experiences, sweat, and toil in Graduate school. Through this sharing, it is hoped that the students would better understand how an undertaking in Post Graduate studies would be like and thus better prepare themselves if they were ever to choose taking this path in the future.

This event was made possible with the support from our Director of Post Graduate Studies for Psychology, Associate Professor Melvin Yap, five of our Psychology alumni: Ms Cheung Hoi Shan, Ms Cheng Xiao Qin, Ms Choo Rui Qi, Mr Haikel Lim and Mr Daniel Gan, NUS Psychology Society, as well as, our attendees.

Written by Alexis Loh Jen Ing, Academics Director, 8th Executive Committee, NUS Psychology Society.


For two hours on 22 May 2014 at AS7-01-06, we got an inside look at how people with mental illness move from illness to wellness. Through the recovery stories of two peer specialists, we saw how recovery is possible. And more so, how they are using their stories to inspire others. Through the sharing of Helen Yong, Head of Residential Services, SAMH, we saw through her eyes how a professional caregiver serves, deal with crises and sustains her passion in her work.

All in all, abnormal psychology teaches us the symptoms of and treatment for people with mental illness, “An Inside Look” sought to contextualise book knowledge with lived experiences, leading us to not only look at the “deficits” but appreciate the assets of people with mental illnesses. Illness begins with an “i”, wellness begins with a “we”. “An Inside Look – from illness to wellness” hopes that “we” can partner people with mental illness to create a wellness-centric perspective towards recovery and living.

This event was made possible by strong support from the Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH), partnership with the NUS Psychology Society and the eager audience.

Written by Khoo Yi Feng, facilitator of the event and also the one who first proposed the event (Psychology Major, Year 1) 

Multilateral approach to tackling haze still apt

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Straits Times

This was an article contribution by Associate Professor Alberto Salvo from the Department of Economics at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Mr Denis Tan, who has just completed his undergraduate studies in Economics and Engineering at NUS. The authors discussed how the haze affect Singaporeans and what policies Singapore should pursue. They opined that Singapore needs to continue working with Indonesia and the neighbouring nations to improve enforcement of Indonesia’s own environmental protection laws, as promoting awareness of health hazards will raise the perceived cost of burning to the local community and shift a culture of burning waste.

The article is part of a monthly series “Ask: NUS Economists” by the NUS Department of Economics. Each month, a panel will address a topical issue.

To find out more on the article, click here.

85th Anniversary Facebook Photo Contest


Share your favourite memories at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and stand to win! All you have to do is post your photo(s) on our page and include an interesting caption.

5 photos with the most likes and shares will receive prizes, including FASS 85th Anniversary souvenirs and Starbucks vouchers. In addition to that, 10 photos chosen by the Dean will be featured at the brand new Video Wall located at AS7!

Here’s a few guidelines:
1. Contest is open to all NUS staff and students.
2. Photos and captions with objectionable content will be removed by the moderator.
3. Each participant may submit multiple entries. However, the number of likes and shares will not be combined for different photo entries.
4. Entries must be submitted by 1st October 2014.

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Spirit of volunteerism

Sunday, 1 June 2014

New Sunday Times

This was an article contribution by Associate Professor Syed Farid Alatas from the Departments of Sociology and Malay Studies at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, on the spirit of volunteerism. He highlighted that volunteering does not involve just extending physical but cognitive and emotional help as well. Assoc Prof Alatas opined that there is an urgent need for the development of a strong civil society to help Malaysia realise its developmental goals, and the struggle for development in Malaysia is, in fact, the struggle for democratic space as well as a moral order. He added that such a struggle should not be seen to be at odds with the spirit of Islam.