Student Film Competition

Dear NUS Students,

The Singapore Research Nexus (SRN) is pleased to announce the third Singapore on Screen FASS Student Film Competition. Submissions are now open with a deadline of December 12th, 2014. You can learn more about the top entries for the first Singapore on Screen competition here, and for Singapore on Screen II here.

Entrants need not be from FASS to participate; the competition is open to any NUS student, undergraduate or graduate, who is taking a FASS module during the 2014 calendar year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Additional information is below.

Singapore on Screen, the FASS Student Short Film Competition, is an initiative organised by SRN. Students who are taking a FASS module which has an original short film component are encouraged to submit their entries. Additionally, students majoring in a FASS subject may submit short films they have produced on their own.

The winning films in each category – fiction and non-fiction – will receive a prize of $500!

The requirements for the entries and prize-giving are as follows:

· The film must be made either as part of the course requirements of a FASS module undertaken during January-December 2014, or by a student/students majoring in a FASS subject.

· The film must be an original short film (e.g. documentary, visual ethnography video, or creative piece). Please indicate on your submission whether the film is fiction or non-fiction.

· The film must be set in or about Singapore.

· The film may be by an individual or a group of students.

· The film must not exceed 15 minutes in length.

· Films not in English require English subtitles.

· The film should be a self-explanatory, standalone piece which demonstrates a particular research methodology, creative process, or filmic mode of research for portraying Singapore.

· Students are responsible for obtaining written consent from any persons/entities featured in their film.

· The film must be submitted to the SRN office (AS7, Level 6, Research Division, #06-20) on a CD or DVD in .mp4 or .wma format. The deadline is 12 December 2014. Please indicate the film-maker(s)’ name(s), student ID, contact details, and if applicable, module number and professor.

· A shortlist featuring the best films will be shown in competition in Spring 2015 at the Third Singapore on Screen Film Festival where the judging panel will announce the winning films in the categories of fiction and non-fiction.

Happy filming!

The SRN Team

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