Internship Opportunity at Start-Up Good For Us

Internship at Good for Us

Good for Us compiles research and stories on the impact of Companies and their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, and make this information available to the public to inform their consumption. In short, we help see how the companies they buy from and work for can impact the world, giving people a voice to influence those companies to do good.

Hence, we resign ourselves to living a life of collateral damage. But we know that with the right information, and the right inspiration, we can work with you to create a world where a good life is possible for everyone.

•    We seek interns with an interest in CSR, research or how social media can influence virtuous cycles. (Assessment Researcher)
•    We seek interns with an interest in CSR, social media and consumer habits, with a compassionate heart. (Community Manager)
•    We seek interns with an interest in CSR, graphic and web design, with an intuitive understanding of people’s needs. (Graphic Designer)
•    We seek interns with an interest in CSR, IT and Software development, with a compassionate heart. (Developer)

Your role:

•    Research and find reliable sources for stories of corporate ethical practices and corporate social responsibility. (Assessment Researcher)
•    Learn to promote positive behaviour through social media. (Community Manager)
•    Develop an understanding of how users are responding to the website and how to improve user retention.(Graphic Designer)
•    Develop and implement backend architecture to support the stories and information. (Developer)
•    Get involved in other aspects of development.

We believe a world that is Good for Us is one where everyone can work together in harmony. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and walks of life, and seek candidates that are team players.

We seek team members willing to to step outside the scope of their own duties to help other team members, trusting in the knowledge that the same help will be given to them as need arises.

Good for Us is a start up and is not yet funded, as such we are not able to offer competitive internship remuneration, but are committed to providing a meaningful experience for interns that give their time helping others to live a good life. The period of internship is flexible. It can be done part-time, or during official vacation breaks when students usually undertake their internships.

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