FASS Mentorship & “My FASS Family” Host Programmes Dinner 2013

FASS Alumni, students and friends at MEDZ@Millenia Walk, 21 August 2013

FASS Alumni got together with their mentees, guest students and Faculty members for a great get-together event at MEDZS@Millenia Walk on Wednesday, 21 August 2013.

Featuring a Mediterranean buffet, the spacious restaurant brought together about 200 participants from both the FASS Mentorship and the “My FASS Family” Host Programmes for a combined dinner event.

Connecting senior FASS undergraduates to FASS alumni who provide insights on specific career sectors, the FASS Mentorship Programme has 86 mentees and 55 mentors this year. Alumnus Cheong Kok Hwee (National Parks Board), who has been an FASS mentor since 2007, said that the event ‘provided a casual platform’ for him to meet his past and present mentees. In turn, his current mentee Joel Koh said that it was great for him to be able to meet his mentor at an informal setting over dinner and that it was good to learn from past mentees – “hearing their stories and where they are now”.   

The “My FASS Family” Host Programme is a non-homestay programme that invites FASS Alumni to befriend international students who are in Singapore for the first time. This year, the programme has 21 local hosts and 40 international students from 18 countries.  Peter James Cole, an exchange student from Sheffield University, says that the hosts were ‘very friendly and welcoming’ at the dinner and the programme allows him to develop better cross-cultural understanding.






Dean Brenda Yeoh addressing participants at the combined FASS Mentorship Programme and “My FASS Family” Host Programme Dinner event







Alumnus Cheong Kok Hwee (centre) with Vice-Dean TC Chang and mentees







Alumni Kwan Fook Seng and Sandra Buenaventura (front row) interacting with students
and guests

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