Dr. Lim Wee Hun Stephen elected to International TOP 100 EDUCATORS 2013

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences extends the warmest congratulations to Dr. Lim Wee Hun Stephen who has, on 22nd March 2013, been named by the International Biographical Centre (IBC) as a member of the TOP 100 EDUCATORS 2013.

A citation abstract of Dr. Lim’s nomination by the IBC Director General is reproduced below:

“As a noted and eminent professional in the field of education you have now been considered and nominated for recognition by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. Of the many thousands of biographies from a wide variety of sources investigated by the research and editorial departments of the IBC, a select few are those of individuals who, in our belief, have made a significant contribution in their field to engender influence on a local, national or international basis. Ratification of your nomination by the Awards Board is now complete and it is therefore my great honour to name you as a member of the IBC TOP 100 EDUCATORS 2013. In any one year only one hundred of the world’s best educators, both famous and uncelebrated, from all disciplines will be elected. These are people whose daily work makes a difference. As a holder of this distinction, you can be gratified that your work has not only been noticed but recognized as outstanding.”

Congratulations, Dr. Lim, on receiving this international recognition!

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