Employer Sharing Session with Vriens & Partners

There will be an employer sharing session happening 21 March, Thursday by Vriens & Partners, a political risk consultancy. They are recruiting for interns this May to August, and are also hiring full time positions in a few of their local offices in the region.

NUS alum Tang Wai Leong will also be there to share his personal experience as an intern who has since joined the company full time. This session will be interesting for students who are exploring roles in political, governmental and public affairs and we hope you will make time for this session.

Employer Session with Vriens & Partners

Date : Thursday 21 March

Time : 3pm – 5pm

Venue : Masters Commons, Level 3, Cinnamon College

Click here to register by 19 March Tuesday if you’re interested.

 About Vriens & Partners

Vriens & Partners is a Southeast Asia-focused corporate advisory firm specializing in political risk analysis, government relations and public affairs headquartered in Singapore. V&P has offices across Southeast Asia, including representative offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.

The firm provides independent appraisals of the political risk associated with existing and potential investments, expert analysis of pressing public policy issues and strategies for engaging local stakeholders and mitigating risk.

For enquires, you may write to Ms. Josephine Cai at caijosephine@nus.edu.sg.

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