ES2007S Professional Communication Skills: Principles & Practice

Dear Years 2, 3 and 4 Students

ES2007S Professional Communication Skills: Principles & Practice

 The Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) would like to invite you to read a practical and interesting module – “ES2007S Professional Communication Skills: Principles and Practice”.

ES2007S aims to help you become a more effective communicator in any professional context.  It is a module that marries some theory with a lot of hands-on practice, with many opportunities for you to work on and build your confidence in oral and written communication skills.  Among others, ES2007S covers interpersonal communication, the 7Cs of professional writing, persuasive presentations, job search skills (including writing resumes, job application letters, as well as conducting yourself at job interviews) and intercultural communication. These are all essential skills transferable to the workplace and any other professional platform.

ES2007S does not have a final examination. Instead, assessment is continual and based on a variety of oral and written assignments, classroom tasks, and quizzes.

To find out more about ES2007S, please visit our website at Alternatively, you may email the Course Coordinator, Dr Radhika Jaidev at

The ES2007S team welcomes you and looks forward to working with you to enhance your ‘personal brand’ in the professional arena.

Thank you.

Dr Radhika Jaidev

Course Coordinator


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