ARE YOU AN EXPLORER?! – Locate the “Spirit of the Explorer” & win STARBUCKS vouchers!

Here’s your chance to win a Starbucks voucher! (for NUS students only..)

In conjunction with NUS President Prof Tan Chor Chuan’s talk – “Living in the Present Through Art & Travel”, we want to draw your attention to this beautiful Chinese ink painting “Spirit of the Explorer” painted by him!

Find the painting “Spirit of the Explorer” & post a picture of yourself on our Facebook page! (Hint: The painting is displayed prominently somewhere in NUS.) The first 3 to post your picture here will win a $5 Starbucks voucher!*

It’s not often that FASS students/faculty members get to hear from and interact with our NUS President Prof Tan Chor Chuan.   Take this opportunity to do so as FASS students and faculty members are invited to a fun and informal talk next Tuesday 18 September (4.00pm onwards at LT13) as Prof Tan shares on travelling, art, and self-discovery.

So what are you waiting for?? SIGN UP FOR THE PRESIDENT’S TALK NOW!

*Prizes are to be collected only at the talk at LT13 on 18 Sept.

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