Invitation to participate in the inaugural GeoArt contest

We would like to cordially invite your school to participate in the inaugural GeoArt contest, a new parallel competition as part of the annual SLA Spatial Challenge. Details of the competition are available in the attached “Entry Kit”.We would appreciate if you could assist in publicising this competition by forwarding the attached “Entry Kit” to your students.
We would be most glad to meet you at your school to provide a brief introduction on GeoArt and to pass some of our publicity materials to you.

About GeoArt & SLA Spatial Challenge

With the support of the United Nations Initiative of Global Geospatial Information Management (UN GGIM) and MOE, SLA Spatial Challenge aims to nurture young talents in the field of geospatial information and technology.

GeoArt extends SLA Spatial Challenge by introducing art and design as a new element for contestants. Young artists and graphic designers alike are welcome to “ART-iculate” their innovative ideas and creativity!

We look forward to receive an articulation of interest from your students by 4th May 2012 via

Submission of Artwork

The deadline for submission is on 4th June 2012.

For more information, please visit

An invitation to the Art/Science Residency Finale!

You are invited to the Art/Science Residency finale for artist Grit Ruhland on Thursday, April 19.

The Cabinet of Curiosities, featuring the artwork of Ruhland and NUS students, will be unveiled, and Ruhland will share her experience in this one-month residency. Light refreshments will be served.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to view the exhibition and interact with our artist!


Date: Thursday, April 19

Venue: Centre for Quantum Technologies seminar room, S15-03-15, Science Faculty

Time: 6-8pm

If you are interested, please register via

For more information, please visit or our Facebook page at

For directions on getting to Centre for Quantum Technologies, please visit

What is a Cabinet of Curiosities?

 The idea has its inspiration from 14th century Europe with the rarity- or curio-gallery. It arose during an “era of astonishment” — the Renaissance — an age when art and science developed together. The collections then contained both natural products and artefacts, and were not separated into categories of art or science. The selected objects were presented in fancy showcases, similar to cupboards and furniture. The whole installation was seen as “Theatrum mundi”, a general view on the whole world and human understanding.

 About the Art/Science Residency Programme

 This event is organized by the Arts & Creativity Lab of the Interactive & Digital Media Institute to help promote the arts among university students. As part of the programme, five international artists each do a one-month residency, specializing in one of the four themes — quantum physics, water, biology and acoustic ecologies. 

The programme is funded by the National Arts Council, and Ruhland’s residency is supported by the Centre for Quantum Technologies.

FASS Food & Flick 2012

Join us and enjoy a relaxing evening over a sumptuous dinner and movie!

There will a dinner reception (buffet of international and local delights) before the movie screening.

Date: Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House


FASS Students and Alumni are welcome!

To register,

 For CURRENT STUDENTS, please click HERE.

 For FASS ALUMNI, please click HERE.

[Please note that tickets are on a 1st-come-1st-served basis; please register early]

 Should you have any queries, please contact us at

Social Work Social Policy Seminar

The Society of Social Work Students (SSWS) organised a Social Policy Seminar for the social work majors and social work practitioners on 16th March 2012 in the aim of raising awareness of the importance of influencing social policies in social work practice. As a society that aims to enhance the welfare of social work students, we believe that exposing our members to creative ways by which they can shape social policy even while being involved in direct practice would benefit them and their clients as future social work professionals. We hope that by creating an awareness of the important role that social workers have in influencing social policies, social work students would become more proactive social workers in the future by reviewing their cases and providing consistent feedback to appropriate bodies. Consequently, we hope that social policies would soon be shaped primarily by the input of groundwork done by direct social work practitioners.

As such, the organizing committee worked closely with our seniors and our social work professors in order to gather advice and feedback from them to ensure the smooth flow of our planning process. We invited Mr S R Nathan as our key note speaker as well as distinguished social work practitioners in the field, Mrs Corrine Koh from MCYS, Mr Desmond Chin from the Prisons and Ms Ho Lai Peng from Tan Tock Seng Hospital to share about the development and implementation of social policies in the different contexts that they work in and there was a Question and Answer session during which students could ask the speakers questions.

Reflecting upon the seminar, it has been a great learning experience planning for the seminar and we have thoroughly enjoyed the process. In addition, the seminar has been very enriching and insightful and has given us a better understanding of social policies in Singapore. We are very thankful for the support by our social work professors and majors and we look forward to organising similar events again in the future!

Society of Social Work Students (SSWS)
Society of Social Work Students (SSWS)
Mr S R Nathan as our key note speaker
Mr S R Nathan as our key note speaker


Social Policy Seminar
Social Policy Seminar

Your First Journal Article- Guidance for FASS Graduate Students (Humanities)


Dear FASS Graduate Students,

The long-awaited second session of the panel discussion on writing journal articles is finally here! The first session held almost a year ago focused on the Social Sciences. The focus this time round will be on the Humanities.

Click here for more details on the event.

Please register via this link by 1 pm, Friday, 20th April 2012.