Deanery Connect (26 March 2012)

This session chaired by Professor Robbie Goh (Vice Dean of Special Duties and International Relations) had many interested students curious about what the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) has to offer for their student exchange programmes (SEP). Students were informed of the many different opportunities for them to have an overseas experience. These include summer schools and immersion programmes at NUS partner universities. Such programmes are much shorter in duration spanning a few weeks instead for up to a year for the SEP. This allows students who are unable to secure a place for the SEP to gain valuable insight to the different cultures and learning experiences.

Students were made aware of the requirements and drawbacks with applying to the popular universities (e.g. North America, UK and Australia), but were reassured that there was no real hindrance for students to go for such exchange programmes and that collaborative efforts are currently underway for more students to go overseas. The aim is to allow about 70 percent of FASS students to experience studying overseas through SEP, summer schools and immersion programmes. Students also met the SEP coordinators, Ms Shirley Koh and Miss Letitia Thng who were on hand to clarify any doubts about the SEP application process.

Students listening intently to Prof Goh
Prof Goh explaining the overseas opportunities for students
Prof Goh and Ms Shirley Koh addressing questions from students

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