Deanery Connect Sessions: Feedback on 6 Feb & 8 March 2012

Two Deanery Connect sessions were organised on 6 February (chaired by Assoc Prof T C Chang) and 8 March (chaired by Assoc Prof Winston Goh), where students who participated in the open dialogue provided valuable insights and feedback into how FASS could ‘enhance student life’ as well as improve undergraduate policies in the Faculty.

It is in this spirit that the notes of the session will be posted here for students’ viewing. Hopefully, other students who have yet to participate in such sessions would see the benefits of doing so, and come forward to share their views.

We look forward to having the continued support of FASS students at the upcoming Deanery Connect Session coming up in March and April 2012

– Click here to read up on the notes of the Deanery Connect Session, 6 Feb 2012
– Click here to read up on the notes of the Deanery Connect Session, 8 March 2012 

Coming Up

–          Deanery Connect with Vice Dean of Special Duties and International Relations, Professor Robbie Goh – 26 March 2012 – click here for more information

–          A Special Session for FASS Economics Majors – 12 April 2012 – more information coming soon.

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