MOE – The Outdoor Classroom 2012!

Experience teaching in a different light by being involved in the organisation of an overseas school field trip to destinations in Asia, Europe, Australia, etc… Your entire trip expenses will be fully sponsored!

Eligible only to subject majors in History, Geography, Political Science, Southeast Asian Studies, European Studies or Sociology.

You should possess good communication, organisational and leadership skills, have keen interest in interacting with youth, and strong content knowledge.

APPLY at now! Application closes on 11 Dec, Sun.

Here are some quotes from our past The Outdoor Classroom ambassadors, who shared their feedback on the programme:

“Overall The Outdoor Classroom was/is a great way to introduce the teaching profession to undergraduates like myself. From the onset, the opportunity to travel abroad was definitely the clincher for me to take part in The Outdoor Classroom. However I have come back from the trip enjoying and learning from the experience in many other ways. These include an appreciation for teachers in a new light; they need to be quick thinking, confident of making decisions on the spot, and be able to multi-task. I do not think I would have gotten such insights on teaching through other avenues and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.”

– Sarabjeet Singh, Geography major graduate (2011) and The Outdoor Classroom Ambassador 2011,who went to India for his school field trip with Pierce Secondary

“The Outdoor Classroom allowed the intern to get a first-hand account into understanding the issues involved in the organisation of an outdoor learning experience.  It also provided the opportunity to learn some teaching techniques via training programme and the interaction with the teachers and to take on some teaching responsibilities. It allowed the intern to observe and participate in the process of outdoor learning by being a co-teacher during the field trip.”

– Kam Kit Geok, History major graduate (2010) and The Outdoor Classroom Ambassador 2010, who went to Germany for her school field trip with Loyang Secondary

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