Climate Action Day (CAD) 2011

CAD bin poster

Climate Action Day (CAD) 2011 will take place on 6 September 2011. On this day, the majority of bins in NUS will be removed in the various faculties’ common areas. The rationale behind this iconic act is to urge the NUS community to reconsider their consumption habits and the waste generated on a daily basis. The bins’ ubiquitous presence in NUS has led to people taking them for granted, such that they plainly dispose of rubbish immediately after consumption and forget to think twice about the waste generated from consuming disposables.

By removing the waste bins in NUS, the community is urged to rethink our lifestyles and start being conscious of the waste we generate.

Worried about where to throw your tissue paper?

The organizers understand that some form of necessary waste, such as tissue paper as part of hygiene, is produced everyday. To assist in this, the bins in the washrooms are not removed.

In addition, there will be centralized bins available for such wastes. And they are located at:

Science: outside LT25
Arts: Central Forum
Engine/SDE: outside LT6
Biz/Com: outside LT 16

Other Initiatives on CAD

Alongside the bin removal exercise conducted on Climate Action Day, there are many other actions one can take to generate less waste:

  1. Project Box (all year round): Simply bring your own lunchbox to take away food and receive a stamp. Enjoy a rebate of $2 off your next meal after collecting 10 stamps!
  2. FREE Starbucks on CAD: Bring your own tumbler and enjoy free iced coffee/tea at Science (outside LT25) and Central Forum
  3. Charitable recycling drive (5th & 6th September 2011)
    • Donate your old clothes and used electronics such as laptops, ink cartridges etc. to be recycled and reused!

Direct your queries to or explore our website and facebook page ( to find out more about CAD.

Rethink your lifestyle. Say No to Waste on Climate Action Day!

Lim Jin Mei Amanda, (Ms.)
Students Against the Violation of the Earth (SAVE), National University of Singapore
Mobile: (65) 9765 5985| Email:,| Website:,

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