National Day Awards 2011

The National Day Awards  are a means of recognising various forms of merit and service to Singapore.  This year, a total of 3010 individuals in 21 award categories received National Day Honours.

Our warmest congratulations to:

Name Designation Department Award Received
Prof Chan Heng Chee Professor
in her capacity as Ambassador, Singapore Embassy in Washington, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of Political Science The Distinguished Service Order
Prof Kapur, Basant Kumar Professor Department of Economics The Long Service Medal
Assoc Prof Murfett, Malcolm Assoc Professor Department of History The Long Service Medal
Miss Rosna Bte Buang Management Assistant Officer Department of Philosophy The Long Service Medal
Mr Yong Sock Ming Laboratory Technologist Department of Geography The Long Service Medal
Mr Mark Teng Director (Administration)
in his capacity as LTC (NS), Singapore Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence
Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences The Long Service Medal (Military)

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