MOE Recruitment Talk

Some jobs are merely those: jobs. They require you to drag yourself up from bed every morning to another dull day of work, where you deal with task after dreary task. In exchange for undergoing this daily routine that leaves you drained of your energy every time, you get to make a steady income and to lead a stable, secure life.

In the teaching force, we make far more than just money. Every day, we make children excited with the wonders of science and the majesty of mathematics, and make them fall madly in love with the beauty of the arts and the humanities. Every day, we make our schools the place where students can discover their talents, and aspire to greater heights.

Our teachers make a difference. What do you make?

Come join us for our upcoming MOE Recruitment Talk for Year 3 & Year 4 students on 12 Sep 11, 12.30PM – 1.30PM at FASS Block AS 7, Level 1, Seminar Room B. Please register your attendance at by 7 Sep.

See you there!

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