Success of Donation Drive by Japanese Studies Students for the Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Dear NUS Students, Staff, Alumni and Friends,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have most generously responded to the donation drive organized by the students of the Department of Japanese Studies to help the earthquake and tsunami victims. For details please see the below report by the organizing committee.

With best wishes,

Hendrik Meyer-Ohle
Head, Department of Japanese Studies, NUS
for Staff and Students of the Department of Japanese Studies


Report by organizing committee on donation drive:

To all students and staff of the National University of Singapore,

The Send Love to Japan fundraising drive, held from 17-18 March 2011, raised an astounding total of S$62,797/- over two days.

The considerable amount was many times more than what we had originally expected to raise.

We would certainly not have been able to do it without everyone who helped and supported us in one way or other. Thank you, on behalf of our Japanese friends and the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

We handed over the proceeds to The Japanese Association, Singapore on Saturday, 19 March 2011. Through the Association, the proceeds will then be given to the Singapore Red Cross Society, which is coordinating all relief efforts here. Rest assured that all proceeds will be used to directly help the victims of the Japanese disasters.

One donation box will be placed at the Department of Japanese Studies general office (AS4 Level 3) from 21-25 March 2011. Those who still wish to contribute may make their donations there during office hours from 9am-6pm. Alternatively, you can also donate directly to the Singapore Red Cross Society.

The 1000 paper cranes folded during our donation drive now hang in the lobby of The Japanese Association in Singapore. Many heartfelt messages were written by the students and staff on the cranes and we will spread these heartwarming messages to the people in Japan via various social networking tools. We hope that these sincere well-wishes and messages of encouragement will be a continuous source of strength for the nation’s emotional recovery.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support for Japan and for the relief effort.

The Student Organizers
Department of Japanese Studies


At The Japanese Association, Singapore  to hand over the donation proceeds and 1000 paper cranes on Saturday, 19 March 2011.


The Send Love to Japan fundraising booth outside NUS Central Library
A notice-board providing visitors with the latest news of the situation in Japan was put up in front of the booth.


Student volunteers went around campus from 17-18 March 2011 with their donations boxes.


Students and staff of NUS folded paper cranes and wrote well-wishes and encouragements to the victims of the Japanese disasters on the paper cranes.


Student organizers of the fundraising drive handed over the 1000 paper cranes to Secretary-General Sugino Kazuo ( 杉野一夫 ) of The Japanese Association, Singapore.

One thought on “Success of Donation Drive by Japanese Studies Students for the Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

  1. To : The Student Organisers, Dept of Japan Studies.

    Dear All,

    Well done to a great job in raising the fund for Japan.

    I’m a Singaporean and a Songwriter. I wanted to help and thought the best way was to do what I do best…writing songs. I’ve written and recorded a song for Japan entitled ” Ganbatte Japan “. This is to encourage the people of Japan and to re-affirm to the people of Japan that they are not alone.

    I’ve just uploaded a video-song on Youtube. You can view it at this link… The song is in english ( with a few Japanses phrases ) and on the youtube video, it is with english & Japanese sub-titles. I would like to share the video-song with you. Pl have a view/listen to the video-song. I hope you like it. Pl share the video-song with your friends and yr social sites. I hope the song can continue to stir compassion from all to help Japan as the healing process will be long & challenging for the Japan.


    David Wee

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