Microsoft Case Study Competition 2011

Have you heard of corporate social responsibility? Are you passionate about not only doing business but also dong good at the same time? Do you believe that being socially responsible and sustainable is not only the good way but the right way to go? Here is the platform for you to express your ideas and challenge your mind.



You will be able to participate in this competition in teams of 1-3 people.

For the preliminary round, a 3-5 pages report with reasonable fonts and spacing need to submitted as a group. The reports should cover the following issues:


1)      What is your understanding of CSR and role of CSR in business today?

2)      Overview of Microsoft CSR strategies

3)      Evaluation of Microsoft current strategies and suggest improvements

E.g. Do the initiatives achieve its social goal? Do they add value to Microsoft business? What had gone wrong/ineffective? What could/should be done instead?. Etc 

*no need to comment on all initiatives


4)      Proposal of new and creative initiatives

E.g. How is it different from the current initiative? Is there a need for such initiative? How does it help both the community and Microsoft?,etc

* Microsoft places lots of emphasis on this component


The report should be evaluative, rather than descriptive in nature. Microsoft is looking for depth of analysis and proposal of improvements/new ideas.


The top 5 teams will be selected after the preliminary round. They will then be required to make formal presentation on their ideas to Microsoft to compete for the top 3 positions.



Attractive cash prize:  1st prize $500 2nd prize$300 3rd prize $100

Outstanding participants may be awarded an INTERNSHIP opportunity in Microsoft this coming SUMMER !!!


Microsoft Corporate visit 2011

To help you further, we are organizing a corporate visit to Microsoft for you to obtain primary information about their CSR efforts and also consult your idea with Microsoft personnel directly.


Time: 9th March 3-5pm

Venue: Microsoft office at one marina boulevard  (*transportation provided)

Event flow: an exclusive tour to the office area of Mircosoft and the Microsoft Innovation Centre

  • showcase MICROSOFT’s CSR efforts in recently years
  • great opportunity to add value to you report for MICROSOFT CSR case study competition


If interested, please email by 3rd March


Registration for the competition:

The submission deadline for the report is 23rd March 2010.

If interested, please mail the name, faculty/year, individual email of all team members (team of 1-3) preferably by 12th March. We will create the competition accounts and send them to you to proceed with the rest of registration and submission later.


Best Regards,

Organizing Committee for NUS Corporate Social Responsibility Student Movement

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