Invitation to enroll in WP2201-J “Prizes and Popular Culture”

Students in FASS are invited to enroll in a writing course, WP2201-J “Prizes and Popular Culture” offered by the University Town Writing Program (UTWP).  While considering prizes and what we can learn from them with regard to culture, social trends and individual taste, students will also be practising writing strategies.  To get a sense of the variety of ideas that emerged during the previous semester, students can visit the website

WP 2201-J is scheduled for Tues & Fri 9am-11am; Tues & Fri 11am – 1pm; and Monday and Thursday 11pm-1pm.

This course is one of a set of nine topic-specific courses offered by the UTWP (see the list below); this is the last term that all NUS students will be permitted to sign up for them, as starting in August 2011 they will be available only to University Town resident students. If students are unable to accommodate the schedule or have interest in other topic areas than gender and language, they are encouraged to choose among the full slate of UTWP courses listed below:

Models of Press Freedom (WP2201B)

Mars/Venus?: Gender & (Mis)Communication (WP2201C)

Writing in a Digital World (WP2201D)

From Human to “Posthuman” (WP2201E)

Screening Globalization (WP2201F)

Language and Migration (WP2201G)

Eating Right(s): The Politics of Food (WP2201H)

Good Intentions—Unintended Consequences (WP2201I)

Prizes and Popular Culture (WP2201J)

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