A/P Wong Poh Poh presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore

The Chairman of the Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore, Mr Josef Tan, presents a gift to Associate Professor Wong Poh Poh during the Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony
The Chairman of the Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore, Mr Josef Tan, presents a gift to Associate Professor Wong Poh Poh during the Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony

On 10th April 2010, the Geography Teachers’ Association of Singapore (GTA) presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Associate Professor Wong Poh Poh of FASS’ Department of Geography. The award ceremony was held at the Conrad Centennial Hotel in conjunction with GTA’s Annual Seminar and Annual General Meeting.  The award was presented to Prof Wong in recognition of his notable efforts in advancing geographic education in Singapore through his roles as an educator of geography teachers and in shaping the geography syllabus of both the secondary and post-secondary school systems. Many of Prof Wong’s former students turned up for the ceremony and they had a wonderful time catching up with him.

University Town Writing Program (UTWP)

The Centre for English Language Communication is currently piloting an innovative writing program for the new University Town’s residential colleges, called the University Town Writing Program (UTWP). UTWP modules are content specific and taught in a small group environment.

This semester we are offering 9 modules:

  • Models of Press Freedom (WP2201B)
  • Mars/Venus?:  Gender & (Mis)Communication (WP2201C)
  • Writing in a Digital World (WP2201D)
  • From Human to “Posthuman” (WP2201E)
  • Globalization and Screen Media (WP2201F)
  • Language and Migration (WP2201G)
  • Eating Right(s): The Politics of Food (WP2201H)
  • Messing with Nature: Unintended Consequences (WP2201I)
  • Politics of Prizes (WP2201J)

We especially encourage you to apply if you say, “That’s me,” to one or more of the four statements below.

  • I want to make more sense about ideas that make only partial sense to me.
  • I want to work with ideas beyond those in my textbooks.
  • I want other people to pay attention to my ideas.
  • I don’t have to write extended papers for most of my modules, but I still want to be able to write well.

These modules are open to all first-to-fourth year FASS students and can be taken as Unrestricted Electives (UE).  During the current pilot phase of the program, students are refunded all their points except one when they bid for a UTWP module.

Click here for more information.

FASS’ Dr Simon Collinson to give Psychology Talk on Ageing, Memory Loss and Dementia

FASS’ own Dr Simon Collinson will be giving a public talk on July 17 on Ageing, Memory Loss and Dementia: What can be Done?

 Dr SIMON COLLINSON is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore, Honorary Clinical Neuropsychologist at National University Hospital and Visiting Scientist at the Institute of Mental Health.

The talk is part of series run by the Clinical and Health Psychology Centre, NUS and the Singapore Psychological Society.

Venue: National Library Board – the Possibility Room

100 Victoria Street, Level 5

Singapore 188064

Time: 4.00 pm — 5.30 pm

Many people fear the possibility of developing dementia as they grow older. For some, the concern becomes greater as they begin to notice their memory is not as efficient as it used to be. But do memory changes necessarily herald the onset of dementia or are they part of the normal process of ageing? Is there anything that can be done to prevent dementia and/or can memory be improved through a healthy lifestyle? Researchers in Singapore and overseas are working on these and other questions and the answers are surprising. This seminar will focus on normal memory and how it changes with age. Dementia and its many variants and what can be done to treat memory problems will also be discussed.