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by Student Blogger Denise Lee

How will you shape your future? This was the overarching theme of the FASS Open House talks, its focus to introduce fresh A level and poly graduates the importance and relevance of an FASS education and invite them on an exciting and rewarding journey at FASS. Before an eager audience of prospective university students, FASS Dean Professor Brenda Yeoh shared a broad overview of what FASS has to offer, which runs the gamut from a wide spectrum of courses to overseas programmes and award-winning teaching staff. During the talk, Professor Yeoh introduced each FASS department and outlined its scope of study, highlighting the possible job prospects for students majoring in that subject.

This year’s FASS Open House featured theme-based talks conducted by each department, a refreshing departure from the usual approach of a direct introduction for each discipline.  Designed to be engaging and effective, the talks bore catchy titles like ‘Stork and Cupid out to Lunch’ (Sociology) and ‘Showdown! The Little Nyonya v. Emily of Emerald Hill’ (Theatre Studies). The use of themes was to enable each department to present not just its field of study but its application in the real world too. In ‘Stork and Cupid out to Lunch’, Professor Paulin Straughan discussed the kinds of research and methodologies engaged in Sociology, drawing from her pet researches examples of pressing social issues like low fertility rates and presenting its implications on Singaporean society.

Livening up the programme of talks was a lineup of special performances that displayed the vibrancy and diversity of FASS. The audience was treated to Thai music performances, serenaded by a student vocal group and invited to participate in quizzes on history and South Asia. FASS undergraduates gave out course brochures and enthusiastically shared their learning experience first-hand with inquisitive students. Over free popcorn and cupcakes, prospective students visited the various course booths, made enquiries about course details and conversed about university life.

Based on the feedback gathered, most students were drawn to FASS for its wide academic offerings.
Student Sabrina Tong, who intends to major in Communications and New Media, shared: “FASS is a very diverse faculty which offers many opportunities to students to expose themselves to different perspectives from different fields of thought.” The broad range of languages offered counts as another attractive factor, especially for student Adrian Ng, who considers learning a foreign language a useful advantage. When asked about his overall impression of FASS, he chirped: “FASS has a lively environment and people there are friendly!” Having visited the various booths at the Open House and chatted with FASS undergrads about the various courses, Yogez Wari waxed lyrical about how everyone at the Sociology booth were warm and approachable, rendering her a better insight of her intended major. She left the event enlightened and thrilled about embarking on the FASS track. “FASS is going to be a very enriching place to be in. I can’t wait!” she enthused. It sure is, Yogez, an exciting and FASSinating journey awaits!

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