The FASS Identity Project

by Student Blogger Denise Lee
FASS knows no boundaries when it comes to creativity and student pro-activism. Topping the buzz chart is the materialisation of the first ever faculty T-shirt for FASS students. Initiated by the ever happening NUS Arts and Social Sciences club, the FASS IDentity Project aims to fortify the FASS identity with a stronger presence through the creation of a faculty-wide T-shirt.  For a formidable faculty that boasts 6,000 students, 19 majors and 15 societies, it’s baffling to think why such a brilliant idea has only taken form until recently.  So just what inspired this? “This project was inspired by the need for a faculty-wide T-shirt that can be worn by all FASS undergraduates. We wanted to provide students a material means to display their association with the Faculty. In doing so, we hope that the T-shirt will help engender a strong outward proclamation of the identity and affinity that our students have with FASS.” explains Tan Xin Yu, project director of FASS IDentity and a Year 4 Chinese Studies major.
Following the call to students to don their creative caps and contribute designs, a hearty response was received – more than 50 designs were submitted over a month-long submission period.  From the ample pool of submitted designs, the team picked out the best five which were then circulated for voting. True to the zesty FASS spirit, students reacted with great enthusiasm, effusively expressing ardor for their very own Faculty T-shirt.  Hundreds flocked to the voting booths to select their favorite design while many more casted their votes online. A rigorous round of voting and a bout of rant and raves later, the options were narrowed down to the top three designs. The final die was cast in a second round of voting, leading to the emergence of a winning design (refer to image).  Highly supportive of the project was Dorothy Tan, a Year 2 Literature major, whose vote got 2nd place. “I think having a Faculty tee is a great way to help bond FASS students together. It may be quite difficult to foster unity across the different majors, so I guess a Faculty tee would help each student to identify with one another and know that we’re all in this together!”, she enthused.


Get ready to grab your piece of FASS IDentity come early March, when online pre-ordering and physical purchases will be made available at the NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Clubroom (Block ADM, Level 2). The project committee also aims to sell the T-shirts at their various events and activities like the Arts Camp and Orientation Week. Fingers crossed, the club hopes to accomplish all these by May 2010. Students, especially cash-strapped ones, will be delighted to know they can be proud owners of a Faculty Tee without incurring serious wallet damage – the  price is a friendly SGD$10 per piece.


Excited already? There’s more to expect yet. According to Daryl Boey, FASS IDentity’s Publicity Head and Vice President of the NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club, other identity merchandises in the pipeline include post-it pads, mugs, pens and perhaps even windbreakers. The Political Science and Management sophomore adds that “Much will depend on the initial receptivity and feedback received for the T-shirt project, so do spread the word far and wide to all your FASS friends!” Continuing in the vein of student centeredness, he shares the project’s intention to reach out and engage the FASS community, “The FASS IDentity Project has involved the faculty by actively seeking the best and most creative designs, as well as the continuous process of garnering their feedback and opinion, not just for the initial design phase, but also during the pre-ordering and sales process. We aim to provide the best quality T-shirts and designs at affordable prices. Students can also be assured that their feedback will be solicited and incorporated to future plans for other merchandise.”


To keep updated with future FASS IDentity happenings, students can join the mailing list by sending an email to Alternatively, check out NUS FASS IDentity on Facebook and you can be sure you’ll never miss out on the latest buzz. The launch of a first ever FASS T-shirt marks a significant milestone in FASS history. Clearly, this is a cause for celebration. So go on, flaunt your cherished FASS Identity across your chest and express your affiliation with one of the most dynamic faculties ever!


The winning design!
The winning design!

Please go to this site to see the 2nd and 3rd place designs!

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