Proud to be part of the NUS Waterpolo Team!

by Sean Bai, Geography, Year 4

The NUS waterpolo team celebrating their win The NUS Waterpolo Team celebrating their win

Receiving the Merit Award for Team (Men) at the recent NUS Sports Awards 2009 has been a real honor and reward for the NUS Waterpolo team. This award is the gratification and fruit of all the hardwork and dedication that the team has put in over the past few years.

Every award is always accompanied with a legacy or story of toil and sweat, perseverance and resilience. Our journey thus far has especially been so, where every organising of the annual inter-varsity tournament or every adrenaline-charged training has been deeply etched in our minds. We believe that hard work pays off and it certainly has paid off in more ways than one.

Awards and accolades aside, our experience as a team has been unforgettable. Remembering the times when our mates from the local waterpolo community, alumni of the NUS family or even friends on exchange or overseas job postings joined us in a game of waterpolo, it has definitely been a fulfilling and memorable time of camaraderie and friendship. It is precisely the testing times of pulling through difficulties and complications where bonds were forged and our resilience polished. These experiences molded us and made us grow as a team, not only to face greater challenges but also as ambassadors of the sport and the university.

Winning tournaments would not have been sweet if not for the team spirit that brought us through as well as the unfaltering support from our families, friends and the school. However, it has also not been simply about winning that makes all our time spent worth it. Our pursuit stems out from our aspirations in realising our dreams, to excel and to inspire. Our common goal drives us on to continually challenge and exceed ourselves. It is precisely the assurance of a team being there for each other that gives us the confidence to always press on and do better.

Waterpolo is definitely one of our many interests jostling for our time and attention. It definitely has not been the easiest of tasks to juggle trainings, schoolwork as well as our other commitments. However, neither is it impossible. There has to be a lot of self-discipline to set our priorities right as well as willpower to make sacrifices. It takes a lot of self-belief and reassurance to handle multiple commitments simultaneously. The expectations of being a good student, dedicated sportsman as well as a contributing hall resident may seem too arduous for some but it is precisely these circumstances that challenge our limits. A matured and positive attitude is necessary to always keep our goal in mind as well as to withstand the incessant temptations to give up or slack off.

Time truly flies when you are making full use of it. Our varsity life is the last frontier before we step out into the ‘real’ world. It is the last opportunity for us to fully maximise our time here before we take that final step. Reading the news of our national waterpolo team clinching their 23rd consecutive SEA Games Gold medal, I sincerely hope that our team will continue to soar to greater heights as well. At the same time, my advice would be to find your interest in these remaining vestiges of our student life. Challenge yourself to the limits, grab hold of your aspirations and realise them, make them worthwhile, meaningful and memorable.


FASS congratulates all the winners of the NUS Sports Awards and is very proud of the 108 FASS students who have participated and won.

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