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  1. Great! Today is World Water Day @ NUS. With all the fancy props and posters about Water Savings @ UTown, right in front of a water fountain!

    Why is the water fountain there in the first place? It’s merely for aesthetic value with no real purpose at all.

    If you guys, are truly serious about water conservation, please pause and take a good look around you.

  2. Hello Norliza,

    Thank you for your comment!

    Yes, I definitely agree with you that our living environment is full of contradictions – energy saving measures in one block and air-con on 24hr full blast in another, campaigns to reduce disposable food container usage running alongside stores packing takeaways for the lunch crowd, and of course your observation of a water saving campaign right in front of an aesthetic use of water.

    These are all issues that need to be resolved when addressing environmental concerns. More often than not, these would also be long, drawn-out processes involving many stakeholders, requiring multiple campaigns and negotiations to work out a common ground that benefits all parties. I can’t speak on behalf of the event organizers, but I would guess there are some venue restrictions in organizing this campaign, and the use of the water fountain is under the jurisdiction of Utown management

    Of course, this cannot be used as an excuse for inertia or jadedness. We’ll just have to work things out one step at a time, and improve on our efforts along the way. That’s why, thank you so much for pointing out this, if I may term it, “water fountain paradox” – it’s definitely something for us to think about in addressing water conservation, and hopefully we can find a common solution soon.

    Please continue to speak up for environmental concerns – we’ll need the power in numbers to make meaningful change.

    BES Student Committee

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