Share and Care 3

The third Share and Care session of this semester highlighted the amazing work our students are doing outside university. Some of the presenter’s sharing’s included workshops on DIY mushroom kits, Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Research, internship and work experiences. This time not only did our seniors share & care, but so did our passionate Year 1 students! Here are some pictures of the sharing session:



If you weren’t able to attend the session, don’t worry. You can find a summary, (kindly prepared by Student Affairs) and the presenter’s slides here:

DIY Mushroom Kit

Horseshoe Crab Rescue and Research

GIS Internship

Working with animals at JBP

S&C 3 Summary

Thank you to those who spent their time to share with us and those who attended. We hope you enjoyed this S&C session! See you at the next one 🙂

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