Share and Care 2

About a month after our first Share and Care session to welcome the AY 18/19 freshmen, we recently had the second Share and Care session! This time, seniors shared their experiences on various global programmes they embarked on. They covered topics such as UROPS, STEER, SEP and Summer & Winter programs. They talked about their rich travel and learning journeys in universities such as UBC, NSW, Hanyang University and countries including Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. They provided the audience with useful tips for application, finances and mapping of mostly environmental related modules, ranging from climate change and aquatic ecology — giving juniors a sense of the wide variety of options they can choose from, as well as inspiring them to embark on their own journeys abroad.

A senior sharing her experience in an international summer program at UBC

As usual, if you missed the session, you can find a summary (kindly prepared by Chermaine from Student Affairs) and the presenters’ slides here!

UROPS to Japan & SEP to Australia

STEER- Yun Nan

Summer Program- Hanyang University

Summer Program- UBC

SEP- University of Hong Kong

S&C 2 Summary

We hope you are enjoying and benefiting from these S&C sessions! See you at the next one soon! 🙂

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