Share and Care 1 (AY 18/19)

The new season of Share and Care is back! Share and Care is an NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies tradition that involves seniors sharing their advice and experiences during the BES program and beyond the classroom.

For the first Share and Care session for this academic year, seniors were invited to share their personal stories and experiences with the aim of welcoming and integrating the incoming freshmen into our BES family. They covered topics such as what to expect in Year 1, specializations, pursuing a minor, special modules such as UROPS and overseas student exchange programs (SEP).

We would like to extend our gratitude to the seniors for sharing their time and effort despite their busy schedules, and for being truly caring! We hope that the audience were inspired and greatly benefited from the session!

Fret not if you missed the session, you can find a summary (kindly prepared by Chermaine from Student Affairs) and the presenters’ slides here!

Share and Care 1 Summary

What to expect in Year 1

Biology Specialization

Geography Specialization


SEP New Zealand


Stay tuned for our next Share and Care session – we hope to see you there! 🙂

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