NUS Food Waste Tour

The NUS Bachelor of Environmental Studies events committee recently organized a tour of the waste management facilities around NUS with the help of the Office of Environmental Sustainability.


OES giving a presentation on recycling and waste initiatives

A collection centre for waste
A look at a waste compaction centre at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


The tour started off with a presentation on how NUS has managed recyclable and non-recyclable waste. We were then brought around the Faculty of Arts, where we looked into the recyclables bin as well as the collection points to see how waste was collected and accumulated in NUS. Here’s what a student had to say about the tour:

“The food waste and waste recycling tour organized by the BES student committee was a rather interesting opportunity to understand recycling. Recycling is a multidisciplinary issue that covers human psychology, environment, economics and many more topics. Currently, if is hardly a norm in Singapore. On campus the recycling rates are also very low. To address such a problem, we have to educate consumers what goes into the respective bins. Spare a few seconds for the environment and pay attention to the stickers and labels on the bins in order to correctly dispose of the recyclables. Whilst aiming to increase the rates of recycling, another challenge to overcome would be contamination within the recyclables. Contamination refers to plastic bottles/aluminum cans that contain residue. A batch of recyclables is only allowed a narrow margin of 5% tolerance levels according to the regulations of NEA. If the threshold is exceeded, the whole batch of recyclables would have to disposed of as trash. I believe that everyone who tries to recycle has a keen heart for the environment and would not want such an outcome. Hence, I urge everyone to pour away any remaining liquid and wash the cans and bottles before disposing them into the recycling bins. As we try to increase our recycling efforts, we should also not forget to reduce our waste as much as possible from using reusable bags to consuming all food before it expires and buying in moderation.”

– Christabel, Y3 NVG

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