Share and Care has been a Bachelor of Environmental Studies tradition that fuels students with advice and experiences from seniors for better preparation on challenges and learning opportunities. In the first session of this academic year 17/18, 7 seniors were invited to share their stories in pursuing their academics here at NUS.

The topics included BES Student Life, specializations, special modules like UROPS and many more.

We would like to express our immense gratitude for the speakers who devoted their time for Share and Care despite tight schedules, and hope that the audiences genuinely benefited through the session.

Links to Share and Care materials:
My BES Student Life
Bio & Geog Specialisations
JGIS Internship
Young Nautilus Internship
BES Drongos


P/s: missed out our Share and Care Session? Fret not, stay tuned for our next Share & Care session (and remember to bring along your friends too!). See you there!

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