Bots to replace bees as last resort while media outlets serve up a fake news scuffle on environmental papers. All that and more (Lotsa upcoming school events!) on the 6th issue of In A Nutshell!

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YAHOO! NEWSResearch claims deep entrenchment of fossil fuels makes impact of renewables negligible; climate goals not in sight.

DAILY MAIL ONLINE & THE GUARDIANAccusations fly over data-use concerns in key climate paper (check out the comments sections…).


SCIENCE MAGIllegal gillnet fishing driving the most endangered marine mammal closer to extinction, halving the population in just one year.

REUTERSGreat Barrier Reef once again in the spotlight as suspected coal spill threatens local waters.

THE GUARDIANShould we only conserve species that are advantageous to the human race? Scientists who champion the conservation of parasites say no.


THE STRAITS TIMESBugs trial for mosquito control going well; potentially a new measure alongside traditional solutions.

TODAY ONLINEGovernment stress scientific justification to actions in debate on wildlife treatment after recent slew of encounters.

THE STRAITS TIMESSingapore studying options for carbon taxation amidst international surge in popularity.

CHANNEL NEWSASIAIncrease in water tax for both businesses and households to reflect value of conservation and increasing production costs.


CNETFirst Asian country to introduce Vertical Forests: China fights pollution with high rise buildings carrying over 2500 plants, slated for 2018.

NEWS.COM.AUHummingbird-sized drones as possible replacements for honey bees’ ecosystem function as last resort.


PETAPIXELAspiring wildlife photographer sets up studio at home to recreate animals in their natural environments.


BY OUR OWN BES FRIENDSSymposium of Futures Sustainability, 25 March @ Utown Audi 1. Signups for volunteers closing soon on 11 March!

WATER MANAGEMENT TASK FORCE: Save our Water Carnival, 20-24 March @ Utown Plaza.

ENERGY CARTAEnergy Carta will be hosting Changing The Game, an exciting clean energy policy-making game. Sign up as facilitator or participant here!

NUS SAVELook out for 2 exciting upcoming events!

1) World Water Day Escape Room Simulation (21-22 Mar @ Utown)
2) NUS Goes Ctrl-Alt-Del: Waste Manager (23-24 Mar @ Central Forum)


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– Publicity, 5th BES Student Comm

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