BES Interview with Priscilla Tong


Name: Priscilla Tong

Specialization in BES: ENV(GEOG)

Dream Job or Organization: Sustainability manager in private company, preferably FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods)

Actual Job and Organization: MEWR, Executive (Sustainability) [close enough but wanted private sector]

Must-have snack or dish in NUS: Waffle from the Deck, Avocado milkshake

Favourite module in NUS: GE2221 (Nature and Society) by Harvey Neo

Favourite hangout in/around NUS: Utown ERC


Tell us more about your job now and what you’ve been up to since NUS?

I work on the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint- everything under it and related to it- coordinating agencies to meet targets, update progress, conducting review, releasing material, give presentations to overseas and local audiences about it to share Singapore’s experience, and look at funding various initiatives under the SSB (eg food waste programmes, solar panels, cycling paths etc).

I’m only one month into the job now because I spent more than 3 months in Uganda after graduation, as a university guidance counselor helping scholars from all over Africa apply for university.

Did any past experiences (at NUS or outside) contribute to the decision on your current career path? Why MEWR?

Not really, I knew I always wanted to contribute to CSR. But the thing is it’s hard to get private sector jobs at entry level, I tried applying to many but didn’t get called up for any. Then again, most of the job descriptions stated min 3 years experience but I just applied anyway. Why MEWR- The job scope was very relevant and something that I knew I would be interested/find meaning in doing.

Name the thing you miss most about school / BES since graduating

Hanging out with friends

What was the most important lesson you gained from your time at NUS and BES?

Soft skills more than actual content

What were your colleagues’ and bosses’ impression of you when you told them about what you’ve studied? Did it matter?

Some actually know about it, but I still have to explain what the difference between us and Geography FASS. Nah, it didn’t matter, but then again government already kind of knows about our degree.

Any words of advice for our current undergraduates?

Don’t rush into entering a job and after you do, don’t ‘sell your soul’ to the company, I think how you spend your time is more important (I really value my time now haha) 🙂

 Lastly, your best memory concerning BES.

All the field trips we were privileged to have


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