Had a lecture on ANR by Mr Pat Dugan today and learnt to press weeds at a site. Though the rain made us unable to do a forest transect, we enjoyed some fresh coconut juice too! Looking forward to the remaining days! – Group 2 (Burol) 🙂  

Thoughts on eco-tourism part 1

  Before we came to the Philippines, we have all heard many things about Bohol. The white sandy beaches, rich dense forests and warm friendly locals. This is almost the end of Day 4 and it has been this and so much more than we ever anticipated. We have all seen, experienced and learnt so […]


We visited the Tarsier Foundation today! Although it was raining heavily today, it did not dampen our spirits. We had the BEST EXPERIENCE talking to the Tarsier Man, Mr Carlito Pizarras, who shared insightful knowledge on tarsiers and the foundation with us. We were really inspired by his hospitality and his contribution to the conservation […]

Our Travelogue Is Up!

Hi, it’s Team Mabuti (aka Team 8) again! Today, we have compiled our experiences in a Google Maps Travelouge, with descriptions of the places we have been to for the past few days. At the moment, there are no pictures available for viewing, but we hope to get some up when our Internet connection is […]

Visiting Chocolate Hills and Earthquake Sites

Day 3 of our trip! We went to visit 4 old churches today. It was interesting to know that coral stones and egg whites were sturdy enough to build buildings with in the past, and that Bohol was once submerged underwater. However, it was heartbreaking to see the rubble and structural damage inflicted on the […]

Hello Bohol!

some of us left feeling super excited, some a little worried about what’s ahead of us and others paranoid about what we’ve forgotten to bring along. But after a long day of journeying in the air and the seas, most of us were just really glad to have finally arrived at Dao Diamond Resort. The […]

Settling in

We finally arrived at the Dao Diamond resort after a 3 hr plane ride, a 30 min bus drive to the ferry terminal and a 2 hr ferry ride to Bohol. After the long journey, we had dinner, met our HNU friends for the first time, and began to plan our respective projects.

A bit more about why we chose the Philippines

With a total of 7 107 islands, and stretching over 1 800 km from north to south, the Philippines is the world’s second largest archipelago country after Indonesia. It is also one of the world’s megadiverse countries, meaning that its biodiversity is nearly unparalleled and it is, in fact, its own biodiversity hotspot. Its terrestrial ecosystems have more […]