Our class had loads of fun planting our trees at the ANR site! All of us a hoping that our plants grow up strong and well. We’re now in BBC where the connection is better! We did the bat activity last night where we caught a dog-faced fruit bat in a mist net, took some […]


We visited two places with the Philippines tarsier today. It took me a little while to find this weirdly cute creature even though the guide was pointing it out to me. I did not expect it to be this small! I really enjoyed the day (trekking included) as well as the reflection session as it […]

Marine survey Day 2

  Hello from Bohol! It is the second day of the marine survey today and I had so much fun with today’s free diving invertebrate transects because the waters were so much calmer than yesterday! I had the chance to talk to several people on how to better free dive and I am glad that […]