Visiting Chocolate Hills and Earthquake Sites

Day 3 of our trip!

We went to visit 4 old churches today. It was interesting to know that coral stones and egg whites were sturdy enough to build buildings with in the past, and that Bohol was once submerged underwater. However, it was heartbreaking to see the rubble and structural damage inflicted on the buildings. It was comforting to see that they have managed to salvage some artefacts and started their rebuilding. It also was a miracle that the statues were mostly intact and survived the earthquake. We hope that the locals are able to tide through this tough period.

On a more positive note, Chocolate Hills was breathtaking! We had to climb up a long flight of stairs (214 STEPS) to get to the highest point and get the best scenery! We were expecting to see brown-coloured chocolate hills but I guess we went too early and they are still green! (It was still nice anyway!) We managed to interact with some locals and international tourists to find out more about their opinions on Tarsiers (our group is working on a presentation on tarsiers and endemic butterflies), and it provided a lot of interesting and different perspectives on tarsiers.

group3 at chocolate hills!

US at chocolate hills!

Group3 (Edrea, Sarah Seo, Xue Qin, Jia Wei, Jolene) 😀


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