Climate Change

Hi guys! It’s been awhile since my last post. Hope everyone’s been getting along well during this busy period!  This week I’ll be sharing about COVID-19 and climate change. This post was inspired by Ee Kin’s comment on my second blog post. In his comment, he related the trends covered in that post to climate […]

Environmental Law

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! We’re only a few weeks away from the end of Semester 1 – it’s crazy how quickly time flies.  As I mentioned in my last post, today I’ll be sharing more on the push back on environmental law as a result of COVID-19. Why? Well, if you have […]


Hi guys! Hope mid-terms went well for everyone! Today we’ll be talking about the Amazon rainforest and how it has been impacted by COVID-19. You may recall, late last year, social media was flooded with news of forest fires in the Amazon. (Check out this video by MATT ‘n’ SEB on Youtube for a recap […]


Hi guys! Welcome back, I hope you’ve all had a good recess week! This week we’ll be exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the fishing industry and marine life. I’d like to start off with this image I came across when I was reading an article from The Straits Times:  What first comes to mind […]


Hi guys, welcome back! This week’s post is on the impact of COVID-19 on urban wildlife.   Otters in Pasir Ris Park In Singapore, one of our most commonly discussed urban animals are the otters. I took the video above in April(during the circuit breaker), hopping onto the #NatureisHealing trend. What is #NatureisHealing? During lockdowns, […]

Wildlife Conservation

Hi guys! Welcome to the first post of my blog! This week I will be talking about COVID-19’s impact on wildlife conservation.  In Singapore, our little urban island, we obviously do not have large forests or grasslands or simply any type of habitat endangered animals belong to. Because of this, poaching and wildlife conservation just […]


Hi guys! Welcome to my blog. My name is Rachel and I am a Year 1 Environmental Studies student at the National University of Singapore(NUS). I graduated from junior college in 2019 and was really looking forward to my 8 month long vacation. However, the coronavirus came along and (like many of you) ruined most […]