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Social Constructs, The Environment and Us

Australian Aboriginal Rights, Post-Colonisation Till Now

In my previous post, we saw how the Australian Aboriginal People were treated unfairly in the past and how remnants of colonial law continue to affect them. This affects their community greatly as they are subjected to unfair treatment and… Continue Reading →

Colonisation of Aboriginal Australians and Changes in Land

In my previous post, I discussed Aboriginal culture and wrote about how Aboriginal people are tied to nature and the land they live on. These aspects of the environment are used to build their identity. But since the colonisation of… Continue Reading →

Australian Aboriginal People’s Culture and the Environment

Moving on from India, I want to explore social constructs from other parts of the world! In my Junior College linguistics class, we explored the unique challenges that the Aboriginals of Australia face in society. Curious, I decided to search… Continue Reading →

Migration fuelled by Environmental Issues

Growing up, I was privileged enough to have had a helper at home. Since I was young, she would talk to me worriedly about how her crops back home, maintained by her sister and brother-in-law, kept failing. The rainfall in… Continue Reading →

The Caste System and the Disproportionate Effects of Environmental Issues

Whenever I talk about politics in India, a particular concept always gets met with confused stares. Caste. In case you’re not familiar with this hierarchical system, let me give you a brief rundown.   The caste system is part of… Continue Reading →

Gender and the Environment in India

When talking about groups of people and how they can be differently affected by climate change, gender immediately comes to mind. Gender politics is becoming an increasingly discussed subject but I have yet to hear much from an environmental perspective…. Continue Reading →

Environmental Issues and People – Why do I care?

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first post!   In recent times, I noticed that we have an increasing number of youths getting interested in politics. This can be attributed to the growing popularity of social media or the fact that… Continue Reading →

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