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Hello friends! Welcome back! 😊 In the past weeks, I have talked about how some technologies have affected the environment – for the better or for the worse. This got me thinking, how does Singapore integrate technology into our fight against climate change?

Thus, I made a trip down to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery located at the Marina Barrage, also home to the largest reservoir in Singapore. The Gallery highlights the effects of climate change in Singapore and showcases the country’s past, present and future efforts to mitigate this challenge and create a more sustainable and greener city.

Snapshot of the Sustainable Singapore Gallery Photo credits: Shamine Pang (my friend who came along with me to visit the gallery!)

The gallery was very engaging and informative.

One exhibit introduced the idea of using technology to make our homes ‘smart’, such as

  • Smart electricity meters to track electricity consumption and can provide real-time energy usage data and some tips for conserving energy
  • Smart water meters that can track water usage for each household activity and can help to set water conservation goals
  • Smart plugs to allow people to turn off electrical devices remotely

Currently, these technologies are under development by PUB and EMA, with plans to implement them soon. EMA is looking to install the smart electricity meters in all households within the near future.

On a larger scale, Singapore uses the Smart Water Grid (SWG), where sensors are used to monitor the water network. The system provides live feedback, alerting authorities immediately of any leaks or damage so that they can be fixed more quickly, minimising water wastage and disruptions.

The exhibit also described Singapore’s plan to harness solar energy given our suitable location in the tropics. Singapore aims to install photovoltaic cells in housing estates, industrial and commercial buildings as well as reservoirs to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Under the SolarNova program, solar power can provide 5% of Singapore’s total energy usage.

Exhibit on solar energy in Singapore Photo credits: me 🙂

In the short 30 minutes I spent at the gallery, I managed to get a better understanding of how technology can be used to help us strive towards living in a sustainable city. I find it heartening that local authorities acknowledge the environmental crisis as a pressing issue and have pushed out these resource-efficient/ renewable energy initiatives in response, with more to come.

It is interesting to see how advancements in technology can lead to environmental concerns, such as e-waste in one of my previous post, but at the same time can help tackle other environmental concerns. I guess this is what prompted me to focus my blog on technology’s relationship with the environment.

So, is technology the solution to our environmental crisis? I’ll cover that in my next post!

The exhibits I mentioned are only a small portion of the whole gallery, so if you would like to visit the gallery too, be sure to book here. While you’re there, I highly recommend picnicking with your friends and family at the Green Roof at Marina Barrage, or even try a water sport like kayaking in the reservoir!

Me at the gallery! Photo credits: Shamine Pang


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