#7: Ethics vs Behaviour

Hello dear readers! On my 3rd post of this blog, Dr Coleman left a comment, asking me to pay attention to Week 10’s lessons on environmental ethics. Well, Week 10 is over. I won’t go into the topic’s details (because that would be my classmate Anlydia’s job), but will instead share some thoughts and attempt to […]

#6: The Challenge of Change

Hello dear readers! Nice to see you again! ^-^ In my first post, I asked, “What will it take to get people to save the Earth?” At the root of this question is a quest to change human behaviour. But first, let’s drop the notion that we don’t like change. The book Switch: How To […]

#5: Getting Angry

Hello dear readers! Good job on surviving the week so far! ^-^ Previously, I’ve asked about how we can change people’s attitudes and behaviour to save Earth. If you’ve ever thought we’d need major changes to infrastructure and policy, you’re not alone. A few weeks ago, environmental advocate Greta Thunberg made headlines when she spoke […]