#4: My Weeks of Waste

Hello dear readers! I recently participated in some interesting, environment-related activities, and I’d like to share about them today! It may be a slight deviation from my blog’s main theme, but do read on! ^-^ Two weeks ago, I helped a Year 4 BES student, Sheryl, with her honours thesis project, by recording everything I […]

#3: Tackling Deniers (and Believers)

Hello dear readers! How has your week been? ^-^ Concerning last week’s topic on climate change denial, you may have once asked: Is there anything that can be done to change the mindsets of those climate change deniers? Well, we’ve now learnt that going on about the scientific evidence underscoring climate change may not be […]

#2: Climate Change Denial

Hello dear readers! Glad to have you back! ^-^ Last week, I mentioned that this blog will be about understanding how people respond to the global environmental issue. To start, I’ve asked myself, “When someone tells us about climate change and global warming, what factors determine our response?” For me, I have come to realise […]

#1: Welcome!

Hello dear readers! Welcome to my blog! (^o^)/ My name is Tasha and I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Like many others in this programme, I’m interested in learning about the world out there and how we can save it from a crisis of no return […]