Reflective Journal 3

In this reflection, I will be discussing Assignment 3 that I did in week 11 to 13. The first draft was written in class and is about describing and explaining the effects of technology on one of the 3 options available. I chose how technology affects payments in Singapore in the context of a Smart Nation. This is because I remembered a news article about Razor, a well-known gaming company from Singapore, wanting to give back and help unify electronic payments in Singapore in response to Prime Minister Lee Hsieng Loong’s tweet.

Writing the draft took much longer than I expected due to the technical aspect of the topic. I have to go read up on how the technology work and how it was implemented. Especially on security and “razorpay” (one of the solutions by Razor), it took up most of my time as much more research material was required to understand it. In the end, I felt that I did a much better job crafting a topic and concluding sentence compared to my previous 2 works. However, I wasn’t sure if I was on point.

After receiving my review (there was only 1 review instead of 2 for some unknown reason), I am surprised that my essay was well-received and seemed like it was on point. Consultation with my lecturer made me realised that I could have structured some parts of my essay better for easier understanding.

Hence, I evaluated that I am getting better in writing properly structured paragraphs. My grammar is still kind of shaky but I have more confidence in writing proper formal paragraphs. Thus, I should try and improve my grammar to better prepare for ES1003, which is a module that I will be taking in the near future.

Reflective Journal 2

In this reflection, I will be discussing the assignment 2 that happened in week 8-10. The first draft was written as a timed assignment in class, and the main topic of the assignment is to compare and contrast traditional classrooms and 21st-century classrooms in terms of one of the aspects given. The aspect I chose is on pedagogy as I believed that it will be the easiest to write about. I was rather content with my first draft given the amount of time I had left.

However, after getting reviews from my peers, I realised that the flow of ideas was actually messy and some out of point. After consultation with the lecturer, I further realised that my draft was far from satisfactory. Hence, I evaluated that I wasn’t able to proficiently compare and contrast ideas at that point. Thinking back, analysis of my thought process when writing the draft revealed that I did not spend enough time categorising what points to compare. Thus, some of my points had no counterpart and the flow of paragraph is messy.

Looking forward, I learnt to spend more time planning first before tackling another topic of compare and contrast.