Lau Ying Shan, PhD student at National University of Singapore

I am a geographer and environmentalist curious about human-nature relations. After several years of working in the public sector in Singapore, I am back in school as a PhD student in the Department of Geography at the National University of Singapore ( . My interests revolve around traditional ecological knowledge, water, forests and agriculture, and issues of sustainable rural development in Southeast Asia.


Blog posts here comprises (i) short thinkpieces about how we can (try to) live ecologically on our planet – something so important today given the environmental crisis our home planet is in, and (ii) reflections from my research fieldwork. It takes a village to make a PhD researcher and I’m grateful to my supervisors, colleagues , collaborators, friendsĀ  and family for giving me so much fodder to chew on! A shout-out also to the university administrators and laboratory staff for their support!


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