Abstract In this lecture, we will continue our discussion on consistency techniques in multiplayer games. We will discuss local perception filter, a technique used to improve interactivity in the games, and bucket synchronization, a technique used in point-to-point games without a server.


  • A more complicated version of local perception filter, where passive entities accelerates and decelerates, is described in details in [Smed06].
  • Bucket synchronization is used in MiMaze [Gaut98].
  • [Bret01] provides a good account on how synchronized simulation is implemented from the view of AoE.
J. Smed and H Hakonen, “Algorithms and Networking for Computer Games”, Wiley, July 2006. [NUS LINC]
L. Gautier and C. Diot, “Design and evaluation of MiMaze, a multi-player game on the internet,” in Proc. IEEE Multimedia Systems Conference, June 1998. [Google Scholar]
P. Breetner, and M. Terrano “1500 Archers on a 28.8: Networking Programming in Age of Empires and Beyond”. In Game Developers Conference ’01. [Google Scholar]

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