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If you are late for your classes because of difficulties with the internal shuttle, please comment on this post.  I’ll collate and pass on to the Vice Dean, who will pass on to the university.

9 thoughts on “Internal Shuttle

  1. Sometimes come out a half hour prior to class, cannot get on the shuttle because it’s too full, and wind up being just on time or a minute late. If you are at the bus stop later than 25 minutes prior, there is not guarantee you will be to class on time. (I come from Utown stop.)

  2. They need to add more D2, from utown, and make it a loop just between utown and central library , no stop in YIH!! Useless!! It’s just 5 min walk from utown but it waste just more than that for bus to stop and start again!!!

  3. I feel there is a need for more A1 buses as students coming from science faculty including myself, have experienced being late for the lecture due to the buses not arriving timely. There might be times where tutorial or labs might end late and rushing from one faculty to the other can be difficult. Skipping the loop at Utown definitely helps =D

    • exactly!!!
      when the D1 or D2 buses are coming to UTOWN, its already full of students!!!! they need to make D1 or D2 more express.

  4. Many SOC students need to travel between Science faculty and SOC. Previously bus D was an express bus which allowed us to meet the 15-20min gap between lessons which are back to back. Now with the changed route of bus D, going to U town, it takes about 25-30min from SOC to Science. Bus A1/A2 will be a little quicker but usually we still end up 5-10min late.
    A proposed solution will be the introduction of a new express bus service that stops at selected bus stops( Business, Arts, Central Library and Science).

  5. Dear Sir,
    I have my EG2604 lecture from 10am to 12 noon right before CS2106. My lecture is at Engineering Auditorium. Even if the lecture ends on time, I am always late for CS2106 because I have to wait very long for ISB B service to arrive. Sometimes, missing the first 15 minutes of CS2106 lecture can prove to be quite disadvantageous to my learning as I will also have difficulty understanding the rest of the topic.

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