OS Lab Account: Disk Quota Issue and the “du” command

Each of your personal OS lab account (with username userXXX) comes with 50MB of disk space only. 50MB is more than enough for CS2106. However, if you (or the student from previous year) played with Linux (e.g., tried launching a media player), files might be generated on the disk and ate up your disk space.

If suddenly things start to act unexpectedly, you should check your disk usage. The command to run is “du -h ~” If you have 50MB of files, it is time to clean up some files.

To find out which directory occupies the most disk space, run “du ~ | sort -n”. This will sort your directories in increasing order of disk usage. You can then remove the culprit if the directory it is not needed by cs2106.

You should “man du” and “man sort” to find out what the options -h and -n means respectively.

Remember to save your files regularly and to disable Firefox caching.