Welcome to the CS2106 Blog

This blog will serve as the main website for CS2106, containing tutorials, lecture slides, labs, webcasts, and general announcement about CS2106. From time-to-time, we might post interesting tidbits, bookmarks, and news related to CS2106. You are also free to make comments, ask questions, answer questions, raise issues, etc. through the blog. The blog serves as a replacement for IVLE’s workbin, announcement, and forum.

As the blog will be frequently updated (sometimes with important announcements), you should check the blog frequently for the latest updates. Two easier options to keep yourself up to date are (i) subscribe to the blog update via email, in which case you will receive an email everytime the blog is updated, (ii) subscribe to the blog RSS feeds, in which case you can use any RSS reader (e.g., Google Reader, Thunderbird) to read the blog’s feed along with other websites you are interested in.

For printing a particular page or post, I find the Readability bookmarklet useful.

The first class of CS2106 will be on Friday, 12 August 2010 in LT15. See you there!