Assignment 3: Update on Submission Instructions

Since the deadline falls on a public holiday, we have decided to allow softcopy submission in addition to hardcopy.

If you decide to submit a hardcopy, you can still pass them to either Wei Tsang or Saeid as per instructions.

If you wish to submit a softcopy, please read and following the instructions below carefully.

  1. A PDF answer form has been made available.
  2. Use any decent PDF viewer/editor to fill up the form with your answers. Remember to save the form after you fill it up with your answers.
  3. Rename the form a3-A1234567X.pdf, replacing A1234567X with your matriculation number.
  4. Submit the form into IVLE workbin here, before the deadline.


  1. Please do not submit any other forms of softcopy (e.g., something scanned from a scanner, an image of the answer sheet taken with your phone, a text file edited with vim, etc.) Only the filled up version of the PDF form above is acceptable.
  2. Please do not email us the softcopy. Do not submit a floppy disk containing the softcopy either!
  3. Please name the PDF file according to the convention a3-<matric number>.pdf. Do NOT name it as a3-<nusnet ID>.pdf. (Your matriculation number ends with an alphabet).

There is a 1-point penalty for each violation of instruction above.

9 comments to Assignment 3: Update on Submission Instructions

  1. Liu Le says:

    Hi Prof,
    Could I ask if we could submit the files in MS word form?

  2. nolollygagging says:

    Would doing it in Microsoft Word (with a similar template) and uploading it as PDF be okay?

  3. Joanne Mah says:

    Does this mean that we can still submit a hardcopy before 6pm on Friday? Or will the both of you be not around on that day?

  4. Ooi Wei Tsang says:

    Yes, you can still submit hardcopy if you are in school. Just slip in under my door if I am not in.

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