Random Blends 2017 Interceptions- A Fond Epilogue

On 24th March, the ninth installation of Random Blends opened to roaring success. Filmmaker and Guest-of-Honour Tan Pin Pin graced the opening ceremony, and the exhibition saw a total of 2,651 visitors over the weekend.

Random Blends 2017

Guest-of-Honour Tan Pin Pin (left) with CNM Head of Department Professor Mohan J. Dutta (right)

The theme for this year was Interceptions -which challenged visitors to invert alternative or silenced discourses and integrate fresh perspectives into the public consciousness. With that aim in mind, the Random Blends team put together an exhibition featuring thought-provoking artworks that used digital media to highlight social issues.

Random Blends 2017

Experimental Augmented Reality Game by CNM students ArtScience Museum

The exhibition also featured a dynamic programme of performances and presentations each day. For instance, visitors had the opportunity interact with projects helmed by students from NM4225 Design Fiction module, by combining elements of speculative thinking and science fiction to explore ideas related to emergent technologies and future scenarios. Audience interaction and experience with students’ prototypes challenged and stimulate new thought patterns, as well as to generate conversation and awareness about pertinent issues both present and emerging in society.

Experimental Augmented Reality Game by CNM students ArtScience Museum

On Sunday, a concert by migrant workers of Banglar Kantha- Dibrasham Cultural & Literary Forum was a captivating recital of poetry, music and dance. These performances gave the audience an insightful glimpse into the culture of the migrant workers in Singapore. By placing the workers in a space where they are not typically encountered this invigorating act shifted audience’s perceptions and empowered them to consider the social roles of these migrant workers in Singapore.

Banglar Kantha- Dibrasham Cultural & Literary Forum Performance at ArtScience Museum

The meaningful theme and curation behind the exhibition met with positive responses from visitors. NUS student Elysia Goh (22) said, “I believe that (Random Blends) was a good platform to showcase students’ talent. I was very impressed at their creativity in showcasing meaningful social issues behind every artwork and I also liked how we were able to engage and interact with the many of the art pieces.”

Working professional Tan Bing Yuan, 27, said, “The exhibition provided a space that allowed us to reflect on the marginalized and often forgotten population groups. My favourite exhibit was Cracks, the interactive game about a soldier who wakes up in an enemy camp. It provided the perspective of a depressed person through a plot twist, which could often be greatly alleviated if we could just show more concern towards them.” Random Blends 2017 would not be possible without the guidance of our artistic director Dr Marcia Nancy Mauro-Flude, production manager Eve Yeo, general manager Wayne Ng and mentors Tracey Hamilton, Dr Alexander König and Nick Smithies. We would also like to thank the CNM Department for their kind support throughout the journey.

We hope you enjoyed Random Blends as much as we enjoyed putting it together. See you next year!

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Research Talk – Cracking the Blackbox

Mr Danja Vasiliev and Ms Sarah Grant will be giving a talk on 24 March 2017 (Friday), 3 PM to 4 PM as part of the Random Blends 2017 preview ceremony. Their talk is titled “Cracking the Blackbox”, and will be held at the ArtScience Museum. More details about the talk can be found in the poster below:

About the Speakers:

Danja Vasiliev is a Critical Engineer currently living and working in Berlin. He studies systems and networks through anti-disciplinary experimentation, using hardware, firmware, and software to create works of critical engineering. Since 1999, Danja has been involved in computer technology events, media art exhibitions and seminars worldwide. He has received a number of awards and mentions, including at Ars Electronica, Japan Media Art Festival, and Transmediale, among others. In October 2011, he co-authored The Critical Engineering Manifesto with his colleagues Julian Oliver and Gordan Savičić. In his day-to-day life, Danja works with Linux software and promotes open source practices in all aspects of life. He is currently artist-in-residence at Tembusu College, NUS. See http://k0a1a.net and http://criticalengineering.org.

Sarah Grant, a NYC and Berlin-based media artist and teacher, is interested in demystifying wireless and radio technology for the ordinary citizen. Her research is focused on exploring our relationship with wireless technologies, developing educational tools, and opening up these technologies for their creative potential and critical examination. She is also the author of Subnodes, a popular open source DIY networking project since 2012. She earned her Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Programme, and has been a Research Fellow at the Tow Centre for Journalism at Columbia, an Adjunct Professor at NYU Polytechnic in Digital Media, and an Impact Resident at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Centre, where she organises the Radical Networks conference in Brooklyn. She is currently artist-in-residence at Tembusu College, NUS. See http://chootka.com and http://radicalnetworks.org.

Date: 24 March 2017 (Friday)

Time: 3 PM – 4PM

Venue: Level 4, ArtScience Museum – as a part of the Opening Preview Tour for the CNM Random Blends 2017 Interceptions Showcase.

Random Blends 2017

Random Blends – the annual student showcase where art meets technology is back! The theme for this year – INTERCEPTIONS.

Digital Art & Culture fuses with community networking in Interceptions, a creative forum for radical thinking about the dynamic role that new media and communication plays in the world today. Devised by the students and staff from NUS, Department of Communications & New Media, the showcase examines how practice-based interceptions can creatively influence social impact.

Featuring critical game art, biologically-inspired salon simulations, social media activism, and data as an artistic medium, Interceptions arises from an understanding of how provocative questions, when communicated by the critical use of media, can inspire serious play with novel modes of social engagement.

Expect to see interactive installations, networked art performances, documentaries on social issues and more. These artworks aim to push social boundaries with the motive of disrupting the utopian illusions that we have of our world.

Preview Ceremony: 

Friday – 24 March | 1pm – 7pm


Saturday & Sunday, 25 & 26 March | 10am – 7pm

Venue: ArtScience Museum, Level 4

Free. Registration at the ArtScience Museum Lobby


Click here to view the teaser video for Random Blends 2017 – INTERCEPTIONS.

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