Student Showcase: Take 3, Fight HPV- Prevent Cervical Cancer

Join CNM students at University Town, who are currently doing an Independent Study Module to outreach to female students about HPV vaccinations.

Where to find them?

Date: 15 – 16 March 2018
Venue: University Town Plaza

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Student Showcase: CNM Students Work With NUS Office of Student Affairs To Spread Care And Encouragement

With the semester peaking and exams coming ever closer, it’s normal to see students rushing from one class to another, intent looks on faces. Which is why the Office of Student AffairsStudent Support Services partnered students from the Communications and New Media department to develop a campaign heartwarmingly called Sail The Heartships Together. The campaign’s aim was to motivate students to stop, rest and encourage a special buddy during the hectic season. Set up along the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Block AS1 walkway on 30 October 2017, the booth attracted more than 500 participants. Expressive words of thought and encouragement were penned down and exchanged between buddies who stopped by the booth together. Many had a refreshing chance to indulge in decant sweet ice cream before they made their way to the next class. It was, all in all, an unusual but fantastic intervention into the busy lives of NUS students.

WHO ARE THEY? The students who formulated and rolled out Sail the Heartships Together are part of the CNM module NM4219- New Media In Health Communication, which focuses on how new media can be used to build grassroots engagement, promote policy advocacy, and build environments that support healthy behavior change. Like most modules in Communications and New Media, students are encouraged to bridge theory and practice by working directly with stakeholders and communities.

View more images from the campaign here.