The 17th Chinese Internet Research Conference “Digital Cultures: Chinese Internet and Beyond”

The 17th Chinese Internet Research Conference

 “Digital Cultures: Chinese Internet and Beyond”


28 June 2019, Friday

Orchard Hotel Singapore

442 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238879

Co-organized by National University of Singapore &

Murdoch University, Singapore and Australia


*Open to registered attendees ONLY.



Keynote Panel (830-930a) – Ballroom 3 Panelists: Audrey Yue, John Erni, Fran Martin

Moderator: Tania Lim

Tea Break (930 – 945a)  
Panel 1.1 (945 – 1115am) – Ballroom 3 CNM20/FASS90 panel – Beyond China (Chair: Weiyu Zhang) Help: Xi Yipeng
1 Global Internet Governance: Perspectives from China, Malaysia and Singapore Susan Leong, Terence Lee
2 Between the Online and Offline: Self-Organization and Representation in China, France and Russia Anna Shpakovskaya, Charlotte Fouillet


3 Technology-assisted Political Awakening among the Silent Minority: The rise of China-based social media platforms and their role in the information environment and opinion space for new U.S. immigrants Jingsi Christina Wu
4 Designed for the Bottom of the Pyramid: Examining a Chinese Phone Company in Africa LU Miao
5 A Study on the Overseas Transcultural Fandom of Chinese Internet Literature Xiao Jun, Xie Xi
Panel 1.2 (945 – 1115am) – Lavender Room Governance/Surveillance (Chair: Peter Yu) Help: Chen Zhuo
1 When does online expression lead to real-world harms? A qualitative analysis of incidents of users arrested for their social media use in China Lotus Ruan, Masashi Crete-Nishihata, , Jeffrey Knockel
2 Fabricating legitimacy: cyber propaganda on China’s WeChat Titus Chen
3 Specific Propaganda, Censorship and Defense against External Criticism in China Dongshu Liu, Li Shao, Fangfei Wang
4 Championing Democracy in an Authoritarian Society: The Effects of the American Embassy’s Social Media Operations on Public Opinion in China Haifeng Huang
Panel 2.1 (1115-1245pm) – Ballroom 3 News/Media (Chair: Gerard Goggin) Help: Weiyu Zhang
1 Reglocalization, Digital Platforms and Rise of regionally-networked cities media system in producing pan-Chinese palace dramas for transnational audiences Tania Lim
2 “News Ranger” in Digital China? Studying the Promise and Limitations of Online News in China through the Case of Dingxiangyuan (DXY) Yue Yang, Liyue Shi
3 Trust, But Verify – How Perceptions of Fake News Shape Media Trust in China Lars Willnat, Shuo Tang, Jian Shi
4 Microblogging in the Heart of China:Reconstruction of the Urban Environment in Beijing Jingxi Chen
5 From Dark Visitors to Entrepreneurial Geeks: The Evolution of Hacktivism in China Mei Nelson
Panel 2.2 (1115-1245pm) – Lavender Room Industry/Platforms (Chair: Peng Hwa Ang) Help: Chen Zhuo
1 The history of Zhongguancun: exploring the roots of the Chinese creative industry Gianluigi Negro
2 Social Capital, Financial Resource Access and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Exploring the Creation of Gaming Ventures in Shanghai Gejun Huang
3 Disappearing Bargain: the Erosion of Mobile Payment in China Yipeng Xi
4 Sharing economy, sharing culture: Chinese social networking’s  Online-and-offline simultaneous experience Hsin-Pey Peng
Lunch (1245-2pm) Rosewood Room, Level 2
Panel 3.1 (2-330p) – Ballroom 3 Gender/Fandom (Chair: Jie Zhang) Help: Xi Yipeng
1 Research on the Image Construction and Behavior of Fans in New Media Environment Cui Yunfang,  Hou Qiuya
2 Playing China’s University Entrance Exam: The Videogame ‘Chinese Parents’ and its Political Potentials Florian Schneider
3 “The Big Women:” A Textual Analysis of Chinese Viewers’ Perception towards Femvertising Vlogs Duan Xu
4 Social Media as the Arena for Feminist Movement in China: Opportunities and Challenges for the Un-self-identified Weibo “Feminists” Mao Chengting
Panel 3.2  (2-330p) – Lavender Room China’s Platform Capitalists and Dreams of Digital Power in the Asia Pacific and Beyond (Chair: Terence Lee) Michael Keane

Brian Yecies

Elaine Jing Zhao

Haiqing Yu

Susan Leong

Help: Chen Zhuo

Tea Break (330-345pm)  
Panel 4.1 (345 – 515pm) – Ballroom 3 Ideology/Politics (Chair: Jack Qiu) Help: Xi Yipeng
1 How Dark Corners Collude: Chinese Alt-Right Communities on Weibo Tian Yang, Kecheng Fang, Alvin Zhou
2 Understanding Public Participation in Politicized Consumer Activism: Mechanism of Participation in a Chinese Context Zhuo Chen, Lianshan Zhang
3 Social Media, Religion and Shifting Boundaries in Globalizing China Sng Bee Bee
4 Online Scrutiny of People with ‘Nice Cars’: the Class Struggle in China and Beyond Qian Huang, Rashid Gabdulhakov, Daniel Trottier
Panel 4.2 (345 – 515pm) – Lavender Room Users/Community (Chair: Florian Schneider) Help: Weiyu Zhang
1 From “Ambiguities” to Meanings: The process of meaning construction among early Internet users in China Wei Wang
2 Being a Different “Me” and Narcissism: A study on how selfie taking behaviors reveal digital identity among Chinese urban youth QIAN WANG, Bing Xiao
3 We Are All Lonely Feifeis: the Symbolic Construction of the Homogeneity and the Collective Consciousness in An Chinese Online Community Yingce GAO
4 Pushing, pulling, or drifting? The use of the Internet and information-seeking practices in everyday life Pu Yan
5 Who Sells Knowledge Online? Understanding Online Identities of Knowledge Influencers on Pay-for-Knowledge Platform Xiaoyu Chen, Han Zheng
Closing session (515-530pm) – Ballroom 3 Student Awards

Introduction to next year CIRC

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