NUS’ UNITE Magazine Covers Kalina Silverman’s Talk On Big Talk

Nur Amira joined Kalina Silverman in her Big Talk seminar and was blown away by the idea of steering conversations beyond mere pleasantries:

Picture this: You’re walking to the lift. You look up and make eye contact with one of your schoolmates—the two of you aren’ close, you don’t really talk, but you worked on that one project together a couple of semesters back. She’s waiting for the lift too, it seems. You smile at each other, albeit awkwardly. Glancing at the electronic bar sitting at the top of the lift doors, you realise that the damned lift is still stuck at the floor below.

Crap. You clear your throat and plaster a bright smile on your face.

“How’s school?” the both of you blurt out at the same time.


Source: UNITE Magazine

Watch this space for upcoming executive education courses delivered by Kalina Silverman!

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