Research Talk – A Little Red Dot Specu-nation: Incubating Smart Nation Fictions & Speculations

The “Specu-Nation” was a 3-day public workshop applying critical and speculative design methods to understand and unpack the implementation of Singapore’s Smart Nation plan. Participants were invited to discuss the Smart Nation’s promises of citizens’ empowerment through tech-enabled solutions in several contexts. The first day involved a hands-on making of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fermentation incubator, where participants discussed food sustainability issues in Singapore and related Smart Nation’s undertakings. The next two days organized in soft/WALL/studios Geylang addressed the sensitive position of Geylang as the Smart Nation’s testbed for implementation of surveillance sensors and monitoring systems. Following a field trip around local “hot spots”, participants envisioned near-future scenarios of “Smart Geylang” and discussed the issues of data and knowledge ownership within a state infrastructure. The Specu-Nation was the latest in our series of workshops probing DIY and critical design methods in forming an open discussion around some important local issues. The talk will outline the major challenges and opportunities in employing these methodologies that we have identified so far.

About the Speaker

marketaMarkéta Dolejšová is a Ph.D. candidate at National University of Singapore (Communication and New Media Department) where she studies citizen science initiatives addressing Food Studies issues. She has co-initiated several critical food design projects employing food both as a material and an object of inquiry. Her MA (Charles University in Prague) was on Posthuman Tendencies in Performance Art Practice, which brought her to art curation.



Venue: CNM meeting room (AS6-03-33)

Date: Friday, 30 September

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Talk – Benchmarking Social Media in Social Marketing and Health Communication Initiatives: A Systematic Review

Academic work on setting and reviewing benchmarks in social marketing and health communication initiatives is recent but growing. Previous studies have reported the extent of presence of social marketing benchmarks in public health interventions but they have failed to assess whether the extent of presence and presence of particular benchmarks influence behaviour change. Xia, Deshpande, & Bonates (accepted in Journal of Physical Activity and Health [JPAH]) addressed these research gaps by systematically reviewing 92 physical activity promotion efforts.

As a follow up to this study, a team of researchers led by Dr Sameer Deshpande extend the social marketing benchmarking literature to include social media and health communication benchmarks and test similar hypotheses as assessed in the JPAH study by analyzing 17 public health interventions self-labeled as social marketing that noted presence of at least one social media tool.

In this talk Dr Deshpande will present results of this systematic review and propose future research to better understand the role of social media in social marketing and health communication.

About the Speaker

Sameer DeshpandeDr Sameer Deshpande is Visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Communications & New Media, NUS.




Date: 28 September 2016

Time: 3pm

Venue: AS6 03-33 CNM Meeting Room

Talk – Improving Healthcare Communication across the Cancer Continuum

Carma BylundDr Carma Bylund – Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Weill Cornell Medicine College will deliver a talk, on Wednesday 14 Sep 2016 at 3pm. 

 As a communication scientist focused on health communication, the major driving factor in Dr Bylund’s research is finding ways to improve healthcare communication in order to improve patient outcomes. Her research falls mostly in cancer prevention, control, and survivorship.

In this talk,  ‘Improving Healthcare Communication across the Cancer Continuum’, she highlights some of her current work in the areas of cancer screening, communication skills training, and survivorship care planning.

VENUE: AS6-03-33 (CNM meeting room)